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Time Frame:

Project currently in progressed stages of design, excavation completed and tenders for RCC and facades are in process.
Planned opening by end of October 2009 after completion of fit outs in the shops.


The property is located in the city of Pune, situated approx
180 Km. SE of the city of Mumbai, west India, in the state of “Maharashtra”. The site is located on the in the east area of the city on the North main road of Koregaon Park district area which is considered to be one of the most prestigious locations in Pune city.

The city of Pune, population of approx 5 Million, is under massive market property boom, transforming from a small town, to a metropolitan, recording nearly 40% growth in residential and commercial real estate in the years 2005-2006, largely driven by the IT sector, as the universities in the city are well known and famous all over India.

An estimated 75% of all commercial space in Pune is occupied by the InfoTech industry, with the BPO and IT workforce drawing attractive salaries, the demand for high end houses and shopping centers is escalating by the day.

Plot Size & Area:
  1. Plot size: 24,276 sqm
  2. Built area-Mall (Including Supermarket ): 39,000 sqm.
  3. Built area-Office (9 floors-FSI pending ): 15,500 sqm
  4. Parking area and technical (*): 53,800 sqm.
  5. Total built up areas: 108,000 sqm.

(*) Underground parking area for cars and two wheelers in 3 levels (~900 parking places for cars), Parking capcity taken much above the local Indian code, for better service for the mall visitors.

Permits & Approvals:

  • The land use was formally changed from agriculture to mixed use during the year 2006.
  • Layout sanction was granted for the project during the month of May 2007. The process of building sanction is in process and expected by the September 2007.
  • The planning is done in compliance to the PMC (Pune Municipal Committee) rules and regulations, in respect of permissible areas (FSI free areas, etc.), floor heights, building set backs, etc.

Details of professional involved in construction:

  • Concept for Architectural Design Services
    Uri Shetrit- Israel

  • Architectural Design Services
    I Chaney and Associates

  • Architectural Services for Regulatory Approvals
    Deshpande – Dixit Associates

  • Structural Consultants
    Y. S. Sane Associates

  • Engineering Consultants-Services
    Spectral Services Consultants Pvt. Ltd.

  • Landscape consultant
    Nilima and Vikas Bhosekar Associates

  • Pune Municipal Corporation
    A.N. Prakash

  • Location Map (click here to view larger map.)

    Plaza Centers will be hosting a business lunch at the Asia Retail Congress 2008. Also chief architect, Plaza Centers, Uri Shetrit will be addressing the congress on 10th january 2008. more details

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